• sample-2

    TIME TO 
    SHINE !

    Exclusiv, wetlook Latex-Treggings 
    SPW-901 silber metallic 

  • sample-3

    COLOUR !

    Exclusiv, wetlook Latex-Treggings 
    SPW-901 royalblue metallic 

  • sample-1


    Body Contour Treggings 
    with sexy Back-Shape 
    SPW-601 red perlmut 

The brand Hot-Skins is our expression for extraordinary, high-end, newage fashion made for high sophisticated people!


Our new collection sets new fashionable accents for the current street style and is ready for making big waves in the international fashion and fetish scene.

Wearing a pair of Latex-Jeans, Rubber-Jeans, PVC-Jeans, Vinyl-Jeans or Synthetic Leather-Jeans from Hot-Skins, you will be always in a great shape and will feel and enjoy our quality standards for a luxury-jeans or luxury-leggings. 

Weather you wear it like a Skinny-Jeans, Wetlook-Jeans, Disco-Jeans, Spandex-Jeans, Sexy-Jeans or Shiny-Jeans, you will be thrilled!

All Jeans-Treggings style models are also available as Latex-Leggings, Rubber-Leggings, Vinyl-Leggings and Leather-Leggings as well as Hotpants with exciting colours, materials, coatings and cuts.

Because of using unique, coated hight-tech materials, we succeeded in developping new synthetic latex materials which needs not shy away from natural latex comparison, whithout having to take the disadvantages of natural latex. Our Syntetic-Latex-9 is the first material which combines the thrill and fantastic look of latex with a matchless suitability for daily use, easy laundry care, wearing comfort and durability.


Design and Manufacturing


Our whole collection and products are all designed, developped and manufactured in our own modern factory in Germany. The processing of our products are unique, because every single process step is designed and laid out due to the requierements of our materials. We are manufactoring only small quantities and after receiving your order to guarantee highest quality and exclusivity.

It'a our attention to detail what makes the difference!

We are using only the highest quality of basic materials from selected european suppliers.

Unique colors and coatings, wihch we are developping and producing together with our German coater.

We are only using high-elastic rubber band for all waistbands and other bands, for perfect fitting and durability.



In addition to our quality processing there are our unique materials, which are the essential factor that makes the difference to competitor products regarding look, haptics, wearing comfort and feeling as well as shape stability.

You have the choice out of a wide range of different materials between leather and latex.

Hereinafter we have listed and classified our materials, so that you can easily choose the suitable material for every occasion. 

The first digit of our article number is relating to the used material, whereby "9" = slinky and sexy style like Synthetic-Latex-"9" and "1" = elegant and fancy style like Leather-"1", Luxury-Leather-"2" or Synthetic-Nappa-"3".

The second digit is relating to the cut, like Treggings or Leggings and the third digit is relating to the style and modifications.

Discover our exciting unique material range between "1" and "9" here !