Luxury Vinyl

is a mono-elastic, formular high-gloss finished Vinyl immitation, with a brilliant glossy surface. 

In our ranking from "9" = slinky and sexy style to "1" = elegant and exciting , Luxury-Vinyl is our top "4".



  • Compared to usual Vinyl clothes, our Luxury "Vinyl" is made of the much better Polyamide, with all it's advantages like wearing comfort and durability.

  • Won't loose it's high-gloss and wet look after wearing.

  • Not attacted by sweat and not getting brittle and tough like genuine Vinyl.

  • Breathable to avoid strong uncomfortable sweating like genuine Vinyl.

  • We are only coating the outer surface, which implies a comfortable feeling on the skin while wearing.

  • Allergy-free

  • Haptic and surface behaviour like genuine Vinyl.

  • 100% high-tech coated in Germany

  • High-qality materials from selected German or European suppliers


Textile care

  • Very easy to clean with dry or damp cloth

  • Machine washable at 40°C / Hand-wash (recommended) with mild detergent

  • No surface treatment with oils, powder or silicon-sprays necessary


Material composition

  • Carrier material: 92% polyamide, 8% elastane
  • Surface coating: singl-coated Polyvinyl as well as pigments for metallic- und crystal-colors