is an bi-elastic, Leather immitation, with a silky-matt gloss and grained leather surface. 

In our ranking from "9" = slinky and sexy style to "1" = elegant and exciting , Luxury-Leather is our top "2".



  • A sensational Leather immitation for a skinny leather style.

  • Due to the Memory-Effect, the thermoplastic coated Luxury-Leather adapts itself optimally to the body contour. This happens during the first wearing by the body heat and will be saved for the next usage.

  • Not attacted by sweat and not getting brittle and tough like genuine leather.

  • Breathable to avoid strong uncomfortable sweating like genuine latex.

  • We are only coating the outer surface, which implies a comfortable feeling on the skin while wearing.

  • Allergy-free

  • 100% high-tech coated in Germany

  • High-qality materials from selected German or European suppliers


Textile care

  • Very easy to clean with dry or damp cloth

  • Machine washable at 40°C / Hand-wash (recommended) with mild detergent

  • No surface treatment with oils, powder or silicon-sprays necessary


Material composition

  • Carrier material: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane
  • Surface coating: Formular compound made of Polyurethane and Vinyl, as well as pigments for metallic- und crystal-colors



A thin layer of powder is applied during processing . This is, however, easy to remove by wiping with a damp cloth or washing. The material will then also get their typical, brilliant shine. The thermoplastic properties of the material and the memory effect makes Synthetic Latex suit your body and draws the contours by the body heat.