In addition to our quality processing there are our unique materials, which are the essential factor that makes the difference to all competitor products regarding look, haptics, wearing comfort and feeling as well as shape stability.

You have the choice out of a wide range of different materials between leather and latex.

Hereinafter we have listed and classified our materials, so that you can easily choose the suitable material for every occasion. 

The first digit of our article number is relating to the used material, whereby "9" = slinky and sexy style like Synthetic-Latex-"9" and "1" = elegant and fancy style like Leather-"1", Luxury-Leather-"2" or Synthetic-Nappa-"3".

The second digit is relating to the cut, like Treggings or Leggings and the third digit is relating to the style and modifications.

Discover our exciting unique material range between "1" and "9" and find the right product-material for every occassion and taste!

As well you will find here the description of our understanding of Metallic-Effect, Pearl-Effect and Mermory-Effect.